Join the growing movement of conscious, independent, freedom-loving folks escaping urban violence, smart cities, and economic turmoil at…

Turning rural land into self-sufficient, off-grid homesteads and sustainable “freedom communities” of the future…

…while building alternative societies outside of the Great Reset control grid for generations to come

land summit thumb 2

The Exit and Build Land Summit 4 goes LIVE on May 17th-19th at the Bastrop Convention Center in Bastrop, Texas with workshops, parties, farm to table meals, dozens of speakers, and more!

PLUS, May 16th & 20th are Farm Tour days (optional for Land Summit attendees) – Tour permaculture sites, homesteads, and regenerative agriculture farms around Central Texas

The Exit and Build Land Summit 4 features these world-class speakers…

JP Sears

Comedian, author, and YouTuber known for his unapologetic stand for freedom and his satirical take on politics, fitness, and faith.

Joel Salatin

Owner and founder of the world-famous Polyface Farms, author of 12 books, star of the documentary Food Inc., and all-around brilliant promoter of liberty and organic farming.

David Holmgren

(Virtual Presentation)

Co-originator of the permaculture concept

Mike Adams

The creator of Natural News, The Health Ranger Report, Brighteon University, and co-host of Decentralize TV.

Jack Spirko

The creator of Natural News, The Health Ranger Report, Brighteon University, and co-host of Decentralize TV.

Matt Powers

Mollie Engelhart

Owner of Sovereignty Ranch, a vegan chef and restaurateur, and star of documentary Kiss The Ground. 

Cynthia Tina

Founder, CEO of Ecovillage Tours & Community Finders and host of the popular Exit and Build Community Matchmaking Event

Nicole Sauce

Plus over a dozen more!

What are People


“…critical for the sustainability of civilization…”

The Exit and Build Land Summit brings together an extraordinary collection of really world class speakers who have the knowledge that I think is critical for the sustainability and survivability of human civilization

– Mike Adams

“…It was fantastic…”

The farm tours were great! It was fantastic for these people to show us homesteading life.

Land Summit Attendee

“…do it, you won’t be disappointed…”

The Exit and Build Land Summit has been awesome. And, I would say to anybody out there who’s considering doing this next year, do it, you won’t be disappointed.

John W
Land Summit Attendee

Modern cities and suburbs are the most dangerous (and tyrannical) places to live

The World Economic Forum, the UN, and governments around the world are quietly converting major (and minor) cities into “smart” or “15-minute” cities.

They’ll be outfitted with the worst kind of modern tech to track and trace everything you buy, everywhere you go, and everyone you interact with.

They’ll regulate your energy use, monitor your carbon output, force you into a social credit score system, tie your whole life to a digital ID, and be able to lock you down during the next Plandemic. 

But that’s not the only reason “awake” folks are looking for a way to flee from cities and surrounding suburbs…

Urban violence, crime, and chaos are ruining lives.

Criminals are robbing people at gunpoint and stealing cars in broad daylight. Most stores within city limits are locking up almost all their merchandise for fear of being mass robbed. 

The homelessness crisis is exploding and government policies are only making it worse. 

And civil unrest is exploding in universities and cities from the Israel-Gaza conflict. 

Plus, it’s an election year, which brings more uncertainty, angst, and politically-driven protests and violence. 


The economy is in a tailspin and most people can barely afford to exist.

The cost of living is exploding, especially in metro areas. 

Families can’t afford food for dinner and gas to go to work. A staggering number of folks don’t have jobs. Half of America is living paycheck to paycheck. 

And central banks around the globe are stocking up on gold (and Bitcoin) to pad their balance sheets – a sign they’re preparing for the worst.

But a 500-year-old “Prophecy of The Eagle and The Condor” reveals a path for us to live safely, peacefully, self-sufficiently, and free … together

(while escaping smart cities, civil unrest, and the next great recession)

The Eagle and the Condor Prophecy is an ancient omen from the tribes of the Americas.

The path of the “Eagle” is the path of the mind, the masculine, and the people of “The North.” This is the domain of technology, industry, capitalism, and individualism.

The path of the “Condor” is the path of the heart, the feminine, and the people of “The South.” This is the domain of wisdom, intuition, cooperation, and community.

The prophecy states that the Eagle would almost wipe out the Condor over a centuries-long period of time…

Then one day…

The Eagle and the Condor would have the chance to reunite and fly together…

Ushering in a new beautiful age of higher consciousness, healing, and connection between peoples and Earth resulting in peace, prosperity, and freedom for those who participate in this unification of modern technology with ancestral wisdom.

The Exit and Build Land Summit brings together the Eagle and the Condor to create high-tech, self-sufficient, off-grid homesteads coupled with freedom-loving intentional communities in the country

Combined, they allow us to fly away from the technocrats and tyrants holding us down to create a new world of liberty and prosperity for our families and generations to come. 

Imagine raising enough of your own food to never worry about inflated grocery store prices again. Or being a part of a community that produces over half of the food needs for everyone living in it. 

Imagine being able to power your home with the sun, breaking your dependence on the energy cartel. 

Now imagine working within a community on your land that’s independent of the larger society, existing peacefully and prosperously outside of the Great Reset technocratic agenda while cultivating a rich connection with the earth, animals, and each other. 

This is the way to peace and quiet from the rat race of modern society. 

It’s the way back to how human beings are meant to live in harmony with nature. 

And it’s the way forward toward a sustainable future of unbreakable freedom communities that expands liberty for your family today and for future generations to come. 

But there’s a warning to the Prophecy of The Eagle and The Condor… 

It’s not set in stone … We must fulfill it by working together…

JOIN US in manifesting this prophecy and creating the Freedom Communities of the future at The Exit and Build Land Summit 4

The Official Exit and Build Land Summit 4 Schedule and Speaker List

(Schedule subject to change)

Friday, May 17th

9:00 AM

David Rodriguez

Welcome to the Exit & Build Land Summit 4!

9:10 AM

John and Rebecca Bush

John: The founder of The Exit and Build Land Summit and Live Free Academy, co-founder of The Freedom Cell Network, and the host of the Live Free Now podcast.

Becca: The CEO of Exit and Build Property Solutions and host of the Live Free w/ Rebecca Bush podcast.

Our Time is Now!

9:20 AM

John Bush

Outwitting the Devil and Aligning with Your Definite Purpose

9:45 AM


Guided Meditation – Manifesting Your Exit & Build Dreams & Grounding the Vision

10:00 AM

Derrick Broze

The founder of The Conscious Resistance Network, co-founder of The Greater Reset and The People’s Reset, creator of The Pyramid of Power documentary, and author of How To Opt Out of the Technocratic State.

Countering Agenda 2030 by Living a Holistic Exit and Build Lifestyle

How individuals and communities can create more freedom and autonomy in their lives through Exit and Build. 

You’ll discover what Exit and Build really means in a holistic context, how to create alternatives to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with your own Autonomous Development Goals, and how The Conscious Agora Ecovillage is living out the Holistic Exit and Build philosophy. 

10:30 AM

Yoshi & Pola Pantera

Plant-based vegan chefs, permaculture designers, founder and co-founder of Collective Wave, and creators of the Sikuanga EcoVillage.

Regenerative Culture: The Prophecy of The Eagle and The Condor

Insights from 10 years helping to regenerate cultures while integrating the ancestral wisdom of the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor to help create new holistic systems that are independent from governments and corporations. 

You’ll discover the methods of physical, mental, and spiritual healing to bring to your land and community.

11:10 AM

Danny & Vanessa Panzella Velez

Co-Founders and Psychedelic Relationship Coaches at SovereignLove.Nyc

Indigenous Culture & wisdom – tapping into knowledge from our ancestors

Danny & Vanessa will talk about the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor and the indigenous wisdom of integrating masculine and feminine polarity to create harmony with nature, intimate relationships and to build community. Learn how to tap in to the wisdom of your ancestors to manifest your fullest potential while you Exit & Build.

11:40 AM

John Bush, Ryan Minniti & Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors who help us make this event possible!

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM


Sponsor raffle in breakout room

1:30 PM

John and Rebecca Bush

Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve

1:40 PM


Imani & RIver Update

1:50 PM


Exit Strategies & Success Stories from Land Buyers Turned Builders: Bill Worsham, Rachel Schneider, Delacey Martin

2:40 PM

Melanie Rubin

Founder Parallel Times

How to Leave the Matrix and Join Parallel Society (with Examples)

Practical, actionable steps you can take immediately to opt out of the matrix and join and participate in parallel society. 

You’ll be given the updated and enhanced “Checklist and Blueprint for Leaving the Matrix and Joining Parallel Society” and be shown how to use it step-by-step. 

You’ll also see example after example of real people exiting the matrix and building alternative revenue streams, communities, food systems, and more.

3:05 PM

Cynthia Tina

Founder, CEO of Ecovillage Tours & Community Finders and host of the popular Exit and Build Community Matchmaking Event

From Dream to Reality: Entering the World of Intentional Communities

You can move your life towards greater freedom and self-sufficiency by harnessing the experience and connections of established and emerging communities. 

You’ll be invited to see intentional communities with fresh eyes to reduce any confusion or overwhelm you may have about them, and see that they’re much more practical and simpler than you once thought. 

You’ll be given clear steps to identify where you fit in or how to effectively join forces with like-minded people to create new communities. 

Plus, you’ll get exclusive opportunities to join small group tours with Ecovillage Tours and advance your community journey with CommunityFinders’ specialized support.

3:35 PM

Marat Omarov

Founder and CEO of The Ark

The ARK – Regenerating the Soil, Reforesting the Land, and Creating a Healthier Alternative to Modern Living.

How The ARK – a modern regenerative village in Costa Rica – was born and is now establishing a new standard for real estate development by sharing its profits with its residents. 

You’ll discover how The ARK is pioneering a new approach to living that transforms “autonomy” from a concept into a lived reality, preserving the land on which it stands, and using robust environmental practices to regenerate their property for the benefit of generations to come. 

And how it’s being done in a country that’s #1 in the world for using the most toxic chemicals.


4:05 PM

Mike Cobb

CEO of ECI Development

A Plan-B Global Escape Plan for Every Budget

Why every individual and family MUST have a Plan B for where they can flee when SHTF, the cost of living gets too high, or your current home isn’t worth living in anymore. 

You’ll discover the best Plan B destinations around the world.

You’ll also see how to leverage a Plan B destination as an additional source of income even if you never live there.

4:35 PM

Patri Friedman

Founder of The Seasteading Institute and Pronomos Capital

Building Charter Cities Around the World

How to exit the nation-state system and build new autonomous societies, from seasteading to charter cities. 

You’ll discover the power behind the “city investment fund” from Pronomos Capital, and see why starting new jurisdictions is the future of free societies. 

5:05 PM

John Bush

Join the Mission to Accelerate the Eagle Condor Prophecy

5:15 PM

Mike Adams

The creator of Natural News, The Health Ranger Report, Brighteon University, and co-host of Decentralize TV

Neo’s Ark: Preserving and decentralizing endangered human knowledge for sustainable off-grid living via AI LLM technology

Revealed for the first time ever: Brighteon.AI – a decentralized, non-commercial, open-source Large Language Model (LLM) AI tool giving you instant access to actionable knowledge across a huge range of subjects including herbs, nutrition, off-grid living, permaculture, food preservation, medicinal nutrient extraction techniques and off-grid emergency medicine.

It’s trained on millions of pages of articles, transcripts, authoritative books, interviews and broadcasts from top specialists.

It’s 100% FREE to use and can run offline on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. Your queries can’t be censored and will remain completely private.
Brighteon.AI can also write content, analyze content, correct content, summarize content, simulate different narrative voices and more. Plus, upcoming models will be multilingual, trained in Spanish, German, French and Italian.

You’ll get to see a LIVE demonstration of Brighteon.AI, revealing how it answers real-world questions and delivers accurate and useful info in seconds.

6:00 PM

Conference Ends

Travel 15 mile drive to Community Gardens for networking and concert!

6:00 PM – 10:00 PM



6:40| Power Networking
7:30 | 33 (Derrick Broze)
8:00 | Emma Zeck
8:30 | Azlon
9:10 | Betsy Dewey

Saturday, May 18th

9:00 AM

John Bush

The founder of The Exit and Build Land Summit and Live Free Academy, co-founder of The Freedom Cell Network, and the host of the Live Free Now podcast.

9:15 AM

Nicole Sauce

The host of the Living Free in Tennessee podcast, a co-founder of the Self Reliance Festival, and an expert in off-grid homesteading and prepping

Revolutionize Your Reality With #My3Things

A bright beacon in the dark for anyone feeling daunted about their future, uncertain about their goals, or somewhat disheartened about what lies ahead. 

You’ll discover the tried and true strategies for building a strategic plan for your life that you can tackle incrementally – an approach that’s empowered hundreds to navigate life’s clutter, and forge greater freedom for themselves, their loved ones, and their communities. 

Ultimately, you’ll be given a proven method for shaping your tomorrow, one day at a time.

9:55 AM

Katherine Hicks

CEO Liberty Dollar Financial Association

An Alternative to Banking

How to use the Liberty Dollar Financial Association (LDFA) –  a Private Membership Association that allows its Members to purchase Silver that is stored for them in their own or a contracted warehouse – as an alternative to conventional banking.

10:25 AM

Hakeem Anwar

Founder & CEO,

Regenerative Technologies for your Land Project

How to harness technology for empowerment and growth to overcome surveillance and control. 

You’ll discover the essential technologies and tools to put in place on your homestead and community.

10:45 AM


Angele Miller, Nicole Sauce, and Jack Spirko

11:45 AM


Manifest Your Exit and Build Dream Life w/ the Accelerator

12:10 PM – 1:30 PM



JP Sears

1:30 PM

JP Sears

Comedian, author, and YouTuber known for his unapologetic stand for freedom and his satirical take on politics, fitness, and faith

American Made

JP Sears will deliver a powerful, one-of-a-kind speech about the beauty and purpose of American freedom with his signature mix of comedy and inspiration.

2:05 PM

Mollie Engelhart

Owner of Sovereignty Ranch, a vegan chef and restaurateur, and star of documentary Kiss The Ground

We Can Have Resilience or We Can Have Convenience, but We Can’t Have Both

A deep dive into the centralization of the food system and the relationship between Big Pharma, Big Ag, and Big Government.

2:40 PM

Matt Powers

Founder, Author, and Educator at

Regenerative Soil: The Linchpin to All Health

You’ll learn the 5 keys to “regenerative soil” – soil that improves every season year after year – and discover a proven and profitable method for generating nutrient and mineral-rich soil for healthy plants, animals, and people. 

Plus, you’ll see how to leverage the cycles, patterns, and principles underlying the source of life on Earth. 

3:10 PM

Jack Spirko

Host of The Survival Podcast, “modern survivalist,” and expert in homesteading, debt elimination, individual sovereignty, permaculture, primitive skills, and military tactics

Simplified Bioreactor Composting

The basics of converting your waste into plant superfood by working with nature to cultivate the most microbiologically diverse living compost known to man.  

You’ll discover how to easily cultivate a compost with more than 400 different beneficial organisms to supercharge plant growth, germinate seeds faster than ever, reduce disease and pest pressure, and do it all by working just one day a year using equipment worth under $100.

3:50 PM

Lucinda Bailey

Vice-President of Texas Ready

Building Gardens, Building Relationships

How to use gardens as a gateway to bring together people of different cultures, faiths, and economic backgrounds to form powerful, tight-knit communities.

4:20 PM

Local Food Producer Panel

Startup Farms & Creating Cash Flow Farming (Darren Lutz, Brianne Bernsen, John Pantalone, Sean Hawkins)


5:10 PM

David Holmgren

Co-originator of the permaculture concept

Off-grid in the suburbs

The many ways you can live “off-grid” WITHOUT moving to the country if you don’t want to or can’t afford to. 

You’ll discover how to … live off-grid in the suburbs in your existing home or a new property … become an off-grid mobile minimalist with zero debt … partner with older property owners to help with their off-grid efforts while gaining new skills (and potentially “earn” a property without paying for it) … and other unorthodox ways to live off the industrial grid.

6:00 PM

Conference Ends

6:00 PM

VIP Dinner

Sunday, May 19th

Main Hall

8:00 AM – 8:45 AM

Lucinda Bailey & Kurt Nauck

Texas Ready

Worship Service

A worship service on Sunday morning to gather and worship Jesus Christ, our Creator and King.

Main Hall

9:00 AM

John Bush & David Rodriguez

Opening in Main Hall

Main Hall

9:15 AM

Kurt Nauck

President & Bean Counter of Texas Ready

The Great American Eclipse Cycle – Astronomical Curiosity or Apocalyptic Pronouncement?

The hidden messages from a higher power transmitted through the three solar eclipses – two total and one annular – experienced in the United States over the past 7 years. 

You’ll discover the truth behind these amazing celestial events. 

Regardless of where you fall on the spiritual spectrum, this presentation will be one you are unlikely to casually dismiss.

Back Room

9:15 AM

Jim Miller

Exit the Healthcare System and Build Your own Road to Health

In this hands on workshop we will discuss practical and effective ways to EXIT the healthcare system and BUILD a lifestyle that empowers you to maximize your wellness, taking your health into your own hands.

Ground breaking technology delivers an affordable, portable, hand-sized wellness center in the palm of your hand. A system that is simple enough for a 3rd grader to use, but powerful enough for a healthcare practitioner provides a whole-body wellness solution that uses bioresonant scanning to identify energetic imbalances occurring within your physical and emotional health, then sends optimizing frequencies back to your body to restore harmony at a cellular level. Because this device uses bioresonance you can also use it for your pets, animals, and livestock to great effect.

It even works with teenagers.

Main Hall

10:15 AM

Deb Dahlberg-Rowland

Stanberry Realtors

Land Opportunities in the Texas Triangle

Deb will be sharing her journey both personally and professionally as a career realtor who has first hand experience building an alternative style home, living off grid, and helping people shift from main stream city life to a more self sufficient sustainable life in the country here in Texas, or anywhere!

Back Room

10:15 AM

Yoshi & Pola Pantera

Plant-based vegan chefs, permaculture designers, founder and co-founder of Collective Wave, and creators of the Sikuanga EcoVillage

Regenerative Culture

Main Hall

11:15 AM

Bradley Logan

Founding Director of Prosperous Legacy Advisers

Legacy Planning – Transferring Wealth & Resources From the Matrix to the New Earth

How to exit the matrix by creating and operating private organizations using little-known but extremely powerful legal structures such as non-statutory perpetual trusts (Earth Trusts), Private Membership Associations (PMA), and 508c1a styled faith-based organizations as a foundation, church, or ministry.

You’ll discover how these organizations serve as a bridge for entrepreneurs, business owners, and family enterprises to protect their wealth from needless regulation and taxation while aligning with a new kind of “Divine Jurisdiction” that upholds your individual sovereignty.

Back Room

11:15 AM

Ariel Von Raven

Operations manager and CFO of Symbiosis – a leading permaculture design and installation firm in Central Texas

Principles of Homestead Design

How to plan and execute a successful permaculture site on your property.

You’ll discover:

– Why you MUST observe your land’s native ecology before doing anything with your property (this will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do)

– Where to put each piece of the permaculture puzzle to bring it all together into a holistic system (and the importance of catching and storing “energy”)

– Outside-the-box approaches to sustainable and regenerative methods to superpower your homestead

– How to actualize your permaculture vision based on your unique context and preferences

– The top principles and pitfalls of living self-sufficiently at the “family-village” scale

Plus much more!

12:30 PM – 2:00 PM


2:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Community Matchmaking / Speeddating

4:00 PM

John Bush

We Are the One’s We Have Been Waiting For

4:30 PM

Joel Salatin
(Keynote Speaker)

Owner and founder of the world-famous Polyface Farms, author of 12 books, star of the documentary Food Inc., and all-around brilliant promoter of liberty and organic farming.

Unity in Harvest: Bridging Eagle & Condor

A deep dive into the blending of Eastern soulfulness with Western innovation to find the sweet spot between tradition and progress, morality and technology, shared through stories from the farm. 

You’ll discover how the wisdom of the Eagle and the Condor Prophecy create profound unity and balance to shape a brighter future for ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world. 

5:20 PM

John and Rebecca Bush

Closing Words

5:30 PM

Conference Ends

6:00 PM

LFA Accelerator Member Dinner w/ Joel Salatin

What You Will


The Exit & Build Land Summit 4 returns LIVE and IN PERSON to the iconic Bastrop Convention Center in Bastrop, Texas on on May 17th-19th

It’s the largest gathering of homesteaders, permaculturists, regenerative agriculturists, land entrepreneurs, rural real estate veterans, modern survivalists, and intentional community builders

Get ready for 3 days of in-depth presentations and workshops showing you how to live free and prosperously no matter your age, income, experience, skill, knowledge, or circumstances

You’ll get hard-won, high-level, PROVEN strategies, tools, and resources for living free in the country from a diverse range of speakers

Hear from giants of permaculture, seasoned community creators, veteran homesteaders, renowned survivalists, generational ranchers, and many more freedom-loving experts sharing their best strategies for returning to the land and living free in your own self-sufficient community outside of the control of the technocrats and tyrants locking down major cities and suburbs.

You’ll have the chance to go on off-site Farm Tours tours and training sessions on May 16th & 20th

All Land Summit attendees will have the option of purchasing an affordable bonus ticket to experience one or more Farm Tours the day before and after the Land Summit conference.

You’ll get to visit thriving homesteads, food forests, permaculture sites, communities, and more with guided tours revealing the exact techniques and strategies these property owners use to produce tons of food every year while improving their local communities and expanding their personal freedom and well-being.

You’ll experience exclusive, hands-on workshops from select speakers training you in practical skills you can use immediately after the conference to improve your prosperity

At last year’s Land Summit, we featured workshops covering unique gardening methods, nonviolent communication techniques, tools for finding the perfect homestead property, raising funding for your regenerative community, and a whole lot more.

These workshops are often one of the most valuable parts of the entire Land Summit because they almost instantly upgrade your ability to create more freedom and prosperity. Plus, they cut your trial and error time in half by learning what works from real experts.

You’ll get to shake hands, share drinks, and form powerful relationships with many of the speakers and all of the attendees in between talks and workshops and during nighttime parties

The Land Summit attracts some of the most productive and down-to-Earth “doers” in the worlds of homesteading, truth, and freedom. 

Enduring friendships have been made here. Romantic partners have met here. Businesses have been formed here. Communities have found new members. Participants have worked together to create their own communities after the event. 

This goes way beyond mere “networking.” Everyone gets a little smarter and a little freer after the extraordinary conversations and connections you’ll have with attendees AND speakers.  with the bright minds in attendance.

You’ll participate in the exclusive Intentional Community Matchmaking Session

This has easily become the #1 event EVERYONE looks forward to at the Land Summit.

All attendees break into small groups based on where you want to move (if you’re moving) or where you currently live – i.e. Texas, Tennessee, Mexico – and our small group leaders will facilitate discussions and networking.

The Community Matchmaking Session will:

Rita went from feeling alone to creating a 7-acre homestead and intentional community (while finding several like-minded friends in the process) after the 2021 Land Summit

“We went from not wanting anyone on our property to creating our own little intentional community. We currently have 2 full-time members and have 2 more making plans to arrive soon.

We made friends with other like-minded people, which in these times, is gold. It helped crystalize “who” our people are. Suddenly we went from feeling isolated and overwhelmed on our 7-acre property to having true friends who are willing to help us daily.

Come find your people at the Exit and Build Summit! You don’t have to do it alone. Be open to receiving new ideas on how to make your goals and dreams happen. All these great minds in the same room, magic happens and you will crush all the barriers stopping you right now.”


You’ll get lunch catered every day of the Land Summit conference (May 17th-19th)

We’re bringing in healthy, tasty, farm-to-table and locally catered lunches for all attendees.

We’re making it easy for everyone to eat together regardless of your diet. 

We have options for those who eat gluten-free, vegetarian/vegan, or carnivore.

Lunch will be served inside of the Bastrop Convention Center which offers another great opportunity to get to know other attendees and build valuable relationships.

Travel and Lodging

You’ll have your pick of high-quality hotels near the Bastrop Convention Center (plus the airport is only 25 minutes away from the event)

We’re making traveling to Bastrop and staying here as smooth and comfortable as possible. 

If you’re flying in from out of town, you’ll only have a 25 minute commute from the airport. Lyft and Uber are both available. 

There are numerous hotels surrounding the Bastrop Convention Center. Again, you’ll have no problem using Lyft or Uber. Also, many attendees end up carpooling together. There are also vehicle rentals available at the airport and in Bastrop.


We’ve partnerd with New Earth Creators to offer activities to ignite your children’s superpowers while you enjoy the conference. 

New Earth Creators empowers tweens and teens to discover their gifts and passions, guiding them to create soul-centered businesses aligned with their true selves through transformative camps and coaching programs. Join us in igniting the superpowers within your child and embarking on an inspired adventure toward personal and collective transformation!

While mom and dad are busy at the convention center, children engage in self-discovery, mindset training, and learn about soul-aligned businesses. Partnering with Kidding Around Yoga And Hooping (KAYAH), kids also enjoy hula hooping, yoga, intentional arts and crafts, conscious connection games, and more!

The Exit and Build Land Summit 4 goes LIVE on May 17th-19th at the Bastrop Convention Center with workshops, parties, farm to table meals, dozens of speakers, and more!

PLUS, May 16th & 20th are Farm Tour days (optional for Land Summit attendees) – Tour permaculture sites, homesteads, and regenerative agriculture farms around Central Texas 

Andrea and Steve took MASSIVE ACTION after the 2022 Land Summit and bought a 20-acre property and have never been happier or freer

Hear their story below:

Choose Your Path

How The Exit and Build Land Summit will help you achieve YOUR ideal version of freedom in the country

Our goal is to help you on your unique journey to achieve maximum freedom, prosperity, connection, and joy through self-sufficient and communal living in the country. 

But we’re not all starting in the same place or trying to go to the same destination.

So we’ve created a simple “matrix” below you can use to pinpoint exactly where you are currently and where you want to go.

Simply choose the right point on the matrix below to see how The Exit and Build Land Summit will help you achieve your vision after applying the knowledge, skills, and connections you’ll gain from attending. 


Then You’ll Learn How to

You might live in the city without a patch of land to call your own. Or perhaps you have a little acreage in the suburbs or country but you dream of having a whole lot more.

We’re gonna help you get the land you need to fulfill your dreams and goals. 

Virtually every speaker at The Exit and Build Land Summit owns land. At every past event, we’ve had several speakers present on how exactly to locate good land for homesteading and community building, how to buy it, what to know before you buy, and so much more. 

You’ll hear from rural real estate veterans, land entrepreneurs, homesteaders, ranchers, and farmers. 

You’ll also get to meet scores of other people who also want to buy land. Some of them will even be interested in buying land with you in order to make it more affordable if that’s an option you want to exercise. 

Regardless of how much land you want or where you want it, you’ll pick up loads of powerful techniques and strategies to make it happen. 

Plus, in the meantime, before you (eventually) get the land you want, you’ll discover how to start homesteading with what you have, even if that means just a few plants in a closet. Because we’re all about taking action NOW even if you don’t have everything you want yet.

You don’t have to own land in order to be a part of a community of freedom-loving friends and family. 

There are already HUNDREDS of these communities in existence. 

A number of speakers and attendees run these communities and they’re looking for new, cool members like YOU. 

You’ll be shown how to find and connect with communities across the United States and other countries that match the values and lifestyle you desire. 

Plus, The Exit and Build Land Summit facilitates multiple networking and relationship-building events to match community owners with potential community members like you. 


Then You’ll Learn How to

The Exit and Build Land Summit is one of the largest gatherings of experienced and professional permaculturists, homesteaders, gardeners, and ranchers. 

If you want to turn your property into a food-producing machine that works in alignment with nature and is not only sustainable but regenerative (producing more and higher-quality food over time), then do everything possible to make it to this summit. 

Between the speakers, hands-on workshops, and optional farm tours, you’re going to receive over a dozen masterclasses in making your land and animals work for you. 

And if you’re the entrepreneurial type, you’ll be shown how many of our presenters have leveraged their land to start food businesses, Bed and Breakfast businesses, event spaces, and more. 

Get ready to profit from your land both personally and financially.

John and Rebecca Bush – the founders and hosts of The Exit and Build Land Summit – closed on a 10-acre homestead in 2021 to escape COVID insanity and has since turned it into a thriving homestead and intentional community with multiple members. 

This summit was started with the intention of helping as many people as possible do the same. And many people have since the very first summit. 

You’ll gain guidance on:

  • How to design your land to facilitate community
  • The various options for cooperative living (i.e. members living under the same roof or members having their own plot and home, and much more)
  • The legal considerations for starting your community without violating any laws
  • How to run a community as a leader while empowering other members
  • Methods of peaceful communication and negotiation

Plus MUCH more. 

Many of us don’t necessarily want to leave our property to live communally or turn our land into a community. 

But we would like to connect and develop relationships with fellow freedom-lovers and self-sufficient homesteaders in our area and elsewhere. 

The Exit and Build Land Summit facilitates multiple networking and relationship-building events to help you find neighbors in your area and others who share your values. 

Plus, you’ll hear how other speakers have created spread out communities by connecting with their existing neighbors and how you can do the same.

If You…
Have Land & Community

Then You’ll Learn How to

Produce more food , become more self-sufficient, and expand your community with more freedom-loving folks

The Exit and Build Land Summit brings together THOUSANDS of people online and in person who are hungry to start or join intentional communities.

Growing your community can be as easy as presenting it at the summit. It’s a virtual guarantee that you’ll receive more than enough applicants interested in joining your community.

One of the key aspects of The Exit and Build Land Summit will be the fan favorite “Community Matching Making” event (which you can read about earlier on this page) where many community owners have found new members.

Plus, you’ll be able to apply everything else you learn at the event to improve your homesteading, permaculture, agriculture, ranching, and any other food production systems you’re running on your land.

The Exit and Build Land Summit 4 goes LIVE on May 17th-19th at the Bastrop Convention Center with workshops, parties, farm to table meals, dozens of speakers, and more!

PLUS, May 16th & 20th are Farm Tour days (optional for Land Summit attendees) – Tour permaculture sites, homesteads, and regenerative agriculture farms around Central Texas


“I listened to a video John Bush did on limiting beliefs … it changed my life. I doubled the income from my business and was able to come here. I always wanted to meet John and Derrick Broze and other people, which seemed out of reach, but I got to meet them and talk to them here.”

“What sets this conference apart from others is that people are intentional – they want to have in-depth conversations about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it … it makes for a phenomenal experience.”

“I’m excited to meet a lot of the people I’ve seen on YouTube and Podcasts over several years and learn from them … it’s been absolutely incredible.”

“It feels great being around these folks … “your people”, your fellow thinkers. I would definitely come again and I recommend other people pull the trigger and do it. It’s been very enlightening and will spark a fire under me after I leave.”

“The people are amazing. We’ve gone to other events from Live Free Academy and they just get better and better. It’s like people are graduating into this new paradigm of living and community. It’s like a family. A lot of excitement. A lot of friendships being made. And you can really feel the love.”

“The whole point of this is for people to see firsthand what are the challenges, what are the benefits, and what do we need to know to return to the land. It’s a precious and priceless opportunity for us to experience that from these homesteaders and farmers themselves. What I love about the farm tours is we’re fast-tracking your learning curve.”

thumb kenny

“It’s a gathering of people that want to step away from the old financial system, the old ways of building, the old tech, and all the old systems that tend not to be for our benefit and build new systems – ways to grow their own food, generate their own energy, educate their kids and their community’s kids without outsourcing that to government and corporations.”

“This is an enormous and vibrant community of people. It’s a wonderful example of self-organizing, free market activity. It’s not just about homesteading and growing your own food, that’s a big theme, but there’s all kinds of other information interspersed with that. I’ve made a lot of friends here. The 3 days of presentations and the 2 days of farm tours has been awesome.”

“It’s very refreshing to talk with people and speak your mind without worrying about being judged. I wanted to connect with people who are interested in freedom, who understand the importance of self-reliance. It’s been extremely empowering … a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to do it again next year.”

“I got more out of the first morning session than I expected to get out of the whole weekend.”

“I was pleasantly surprised there were many more people who are fully ready to execute or are already executing. That’s a huge positive that individuals were ready to invite me onto their property or projects. I’m extremely happy I came to build relationships and hear things that I didn’t know before.”

“Although you can sit at home and watch it, when you meet the people in person and get to know the faces and talk to people individually, it brings a more full understanding and satisfaction.”



Venue Accommodations

The Workshop is taking place at the Bastrop Convention Center (1408 Chestnut St. B Bastrop, TX 78602).

We will be providing a list of hotels in the area, many of which will have discounted room rates. We are getting the discount rates arranged right now. See these hotels for an idea of where to stay:

ABIA – Austin Bergstrom International Airport (24 Miles Away from downtown Bastrop, TX)

Tickets and Registration

We offer scholarships on occasion, but due to the meal costs and venue rental the ticket cost is firm for entry.

If you require a refund, you must contact us no later than April 25th, 2024 (three weeks before the event).

Please contact us via email: [email protected]

Event General Questions

We will have a formal childwatch / kid's camp that will be held on site at the Convention center and feature enriching activities and fun for the kiddos age 5 to 12. This will be a modest cost in addition to your ticket. For younger children, we will have a room playing the conference stream for you to take them if they are making noise or crying. 

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to [email protected]

If you are interested in exhibiting at the event, please reach out to [email protected]

No pets allowed unless you have a service animal.

No, recording or live streaming of the event is strictly prohibited. We encourage you to take pictures! Replays of the workshop will be available after the event through

There will be community organized parties, workshops, farm tours, meals, and more taking place surrounding the event. Once you get your ticket you will be invited to a Telegram group where much of the activities will be organized and discussed. Some of these activities are not official Land Summit activities, rather are community organized. 


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