CBDC Exit Plan Sovereign Life Empowerment Session


SESSION FOR CBDC EXIT PLAN SOVEREIGN LIFE TICKET HOLDERS ONLY When the 60-Day CBDC Exit Plan originally aired LIVE, I gave everyone an integration session to help them overcome any sticking points, solve personal challenges, and stay on the path toward financial sovereignty outside of the CBDC system. Now… For the recent July 2023 release […]

Tips, Tactics, and Strategies: John Bush’s PROVEN Bitcoin Investing Playbook

THIS SESSION IS FOR BITCOIN BASICS STEALTH WEALTH TICKET HOLDERS AND LFA MEMBERS. Unlock the secrets to John Bush's time-tested Bitcoin Investing Playbook, a proven strategy honed over the past decade to steadily grow your Bitcoin portfolio. In this course we emphasize conservative approaches and strategies that will enable you to navigate the crypto market […]

Tips, Tactics, and Strategies: Clear the Path to Exit and Build: Understanding and Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

THIS SESSION IS FOR ACCELERATOR SYSTEM BUILDER TICKET HOLDERS AND LFA MEMBERS. Are you ready to take the leap into homesteading, land acquisition, or community building but find yourself held back by self-doubt, fear, or uncertainty? Join us for an empowering session that aims to clear the mental and emotional roadblocks on your path to […]

Meet the Experts: How to Provide for Everything You Need and Want ONLY Using Crypto with Joel Valenzuela

Join us in a informative session with Joël Valenzuela, a crypto-savvy journalist who has been living unbanked since 2016. As part of our 'Bitcoin Basics for Boomers and Beginners' workshop, Joël will share practical tips on using cryptocurrency for daily transactions, emphasizing its significance as an alternative currency to operate outside conventional financial systems. Explore […]

The Counter-Economy Webinar

How Monero, Privacy Tech, and Underground Communities Enable You to Opt Out of Tyrannical Regulations, Burdensome Taxes, and the Great Reset (While Co-Creating a Free World Through Underground Free Markets) CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THIS FREE WEBINAR What you’ll discover in the webinar...   Secret #1 Why voting, protesting, and lobbying DOESN’T WORK to […]

Exit and Build Health Summit

Do you want practical and actionable ways to naturally heal yourself and free your body and mind from Big Pharma, harmful habits, outdated health advice, and the corrupt medical establishment? Then get ready for… The Exit and Build Health Summit A BRAND-NEW, FREE 5-day event from Live Free Academy featuring dozens of the top experts […]

Ryan Minniti’s Health Transformation Masterclass


Ryan Minniti took some of the best diet recommendations, exercises, habits, and lifestyle changes from the expert interviews he conducted for the Exit and Build Health Summit and boiled them down into a powerful masterclass. The Masterclass is broken down into the following modules. Module 1 How to eat to maximize your nutrition and nourish […]

Make More Money Masterclass 2024 Edition


Join John Bush for a LIVE four hour masterclass on how to bring in more money in 2024. Whether you are an employee, looking to start a small business, or retired, this masterclass will help you lay out a plan to dominate 2024.

Freedom Cell Challenge

This BRAND NEW 5-day challenge from John Bush of Live Free Academy will walk you step-by-step through using the Freedom Cell Network to connect with real people in your local area, form communities with them offline and online, develop a counter-economy to trade goods underground, and work together to provide safety and strength in numbers […]