Buy Land Build Community Bootcamp III

A systematic breakdown of everything you need to know to live the free and self-sufficient life in the country on your own land in the order you need to know it, with tons of flexibility to suit your particular preferences, budget, location, and more.

This is an exclusive replay of a two day video training with over 10 hours of material. After purchase, you’ll have lifetime access to watch it on your phone or computer from anywhere through Kajabi – our online video course platform.


The Buy Land Build Community Bootcamp III gives you a simple, easy-to-follow plan for achieving real liberty in the countryside within months instead of years

John Bush and Rebecca Powers have their own 10-acre homestead and intentional community (with several members) in the heart of Central Texas. And they’ve helped literally HUNDREDS of people move to the country to live free and prosper.

They’re going to share EVERYTHING they know about acquiring land, building homesteads, and joining or creating intentional communities with you.

And they’ve structured the Bootcamp to make learning everything they have to teach you super easy, gradually progressing through the lessons so you remember what you learn and never fall behind.

The Bootcamp is broken into 10 modules for maximum impact:

  1. An introduction to how we got into the authoritarian mess we’re in today…
  2. A masterclass in setting your mindset for maximum success with homesteading and community building…
  3. A strategy session to come up with a real-world plan and reasonable goals to make your dream a reality in a matter of months…
  4. An in-depth dive into the exact methods, tools, and resources for finding high-quality land…
  5. A breakdown of the legal and financial considerations for purchasing the land you want (often the hardest part of this entire process that so many get stuck on but will be made crystal clear in this session)…
  6. An elite-level training in permaculture design for turning every inch of your property into a food-producing powerhouse (that you would have to pay thousands to hear outside of this Bootcamp)…
  7. A simple set of building plans for creating the perfect home and other structures you’ll need on your property and how to fully go “off-grid”…
  8. A varied set of practices for growing and harvesting food, gardening, and living off the (literal) fruits of your labor…
  9. A long list of ways to ensure your community can educate its children, establish profitable businesses, and provide recreational activities for adults and kids alike…
  10. And a range of additional resources you’ll need to pull it all together.

This is the THIRD Buy Land Build Community Bootcamp and each year John and Rebecca have updated, revised, and expanded it with the new skills and knowledge they’ve gained

They’re diving way deeper into tactics and strategies for PREPPING and PREPAREDNESS in the face of total economic collapse…

They’re revealing every secret for LIVING OFF-GRID they know of that virtually anyone can implement…

And they’re exposing all the methods you could possibly need to construct simple but powerful FOOD PRODUCTION SYSTEMS to feed your family year-round in case the shelves at your grocery store stay empty…

This will be, without a doubt, the most comprehensive workshop on building a resilient and self-sufficient homestead and self-sustaining community you’ve ever seen

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll discover during this training:

  • Why you should “begin with the end in mind” when choosing a property and a list of the attributes you should look for in the perfect parcel of land to meet your goals.
  • How to overcome your “money problems” and manifest financial freedom.
  • Why building a “community of one” might be the BEST place to begin your journey toward an intentional community of many.
  • How to find others who share your culture and values and would make a great fit in your community (and why it’s best to work with people you already trust).
  • The legal structures to consider when purchasing property as a group to mitigate serious problems down the road.
  • How to find a reliable broker in your area to find the right land for you.
  • How to finance the land and building projects WITHOUT a traditional bank using decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology.
  • The typical styles of homes you should consider building on your property, each with its pros and cons.
  • How to get (and stay) off-grid using simple and sophisticated tools, techniques, and resources.
  • How to provide for the essential amenities you’re used to in normal life to go from “roughing it” to “loving it” out in the country.
  • How to design your property according to the principles of permaculture to grow acres of organic, healthy food, raise any type of farm animal, harvest your own water, and live off the land like a pro.
  • A breakdown of all the “cottage industries” your homestead and community can support, including how to market your business, turn a profit every year, and reinvest what you earn to grow and expand your community.

And so much more!

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