Crypto Empowerment Masterclass

The Crypto Empowerment Masterclass takes John Bush’s DECADE of experience as a cryptocurrency trader, investor, user, and sought-after teacher and condenses his wisdom into an immediately actionable playbook ANYONE can use to invest in the best cryptocurrencies, avoid scams, navigate regulations, and gain financial prosperity and liberty using cryptocurrency

This is an exclusive replay of a video training with over 5 hours of material. After purchase, you’ll have lifetime access to watch it on your phone or computer from anywhere through Kajabi – our online video course platform.


“John took me from a ‘zero to hero’ in purchasing my first cryptocurrency. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience with crypto. He answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. If you are considering crypto, John is the go to guy to make sure you do it safely.”
— Michael Zeiler

“Infinitely more packed-in value than all the other Crypto online events I’ve attended combined.”
— Dion

“I have tried to understand this subject for some years…but your way is really the best: in depth and practical at the same time.”
— Latifa Mehdi

The Crypto Empowerment Masterclass is veteran crypto investor and teacher John Bush’s PROVEN PLAYBOOK packed with 10+ years of profitable secrets, strategies, and systems for consistently growing your wealth and liberty long-term with cryptocurrency

THIS is a powerful 5-hour step-by-step guided training for anyone involved in crypto (newcomer or experienced pro) who wants to maximize their freedom and prosperity while avoiding scams, weathering market storms, and navigating government regulations.

It lays bare…

How John THINKS about cryptocurrency (which is more vital to your success as an investor than you realize)…

How John INVESTS in cryptocurrency (which is more profitable and easier than most other methods you’ve seen from mainstream “gurus” on the internet)…

How John PROTECTS his cryptocurrency from threats (which is more essential than ever in a world of hackers, government snoops, and changing regulations)…

How John ACQUIRES cryptocurrency privately and anonymously (which is more necessary these days with escalating government attacks on the crypto industry)…

And so much more.

It’s broken into 5 modules:

  • MODULE #1: A total upgrade of your “investor mindset” for investing in cryptocurrency with confidence, clarity, and certainty
  • MODULE #2: The top cryptocurrency investment strategies and tactics for growing your assets, minimizing your losses, and never getting rekt
  • MODULE #3: The safest and most secure (legal) methods for acquiring cryptocurrency privately and anonymously (plus, a primer on overcoming CBDCs)
  • MODULE #4: A detailed step-by-step walkthrough for beginners or advanced users on setting up a variety of secure self-custody crypto wallets (with additional tips and tricks)
  • MODULE #5: A bulletproof action plan for applying everything you learn in the Crypto Empowerment Masterclass (plus a super insightful Q&A session)

Here’s just a small taste of what you’ll discover in the Crypto Empowerment Masterclass:

  • The 4-part Live Free Academy Empowerment Framework that takes you from a “crypto zero” to a “crypto hero” 
  • The biggest mistakes beginner investors make and how to avoid them completely for a smooth and stress-free crypto investing journey
  • Time-tested and conservative long-term investment strategies for slowly building a small crypto fortune (this is the anti-greed, anti-get-rich-quick plan that’s allowed John Bush to build his personal crypto empire with nearly zero regrets and great optimism for the future)
  • How to “lock up” your crypto in your own private “vault” that’s 100% under your control (no government, corporation, or hacker could ever break in unless you wanted them to)
  • How to spot crypto scams and con artists from a mile away and never become a victim to bad actors and sh*tcoins
  • How to prepare and position yourself to use cryptocurrency to effectively opt out of corrupt systems of control such as central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and Chinese-style social credit systems (do this NOW before tyranny accelerates)
  • The true power and purpose of cryptocurrency REVEALED (how to help create a new underground economic system for uncensorable, unstoppable free market transactions)
  • Why you should only be investing in a handful of cryptocurrencies for safe, secure, and predictable profits
  • The simplest and most secure online platform to exchange crypto with real people from all around the world without providing your identity (and a step-by-step walkthrough of how to use it)
  • The most private and secure way to invest and store cryptocurrency on a computer (it’s extreme but it works)
  • How to trade cryptocurrency OFFLINE

And so much more!


You gain access to the EXCLUSIVE Live Free Academy Crypto Community

Whatever questions you have, whatever challenges you face, whatever resources, tools, strategies, or advice you need…the community is here to help.

John Bush participates in this community.

He’s also installed a special “crypto concierge” who is active in the community to hold your hand through any difficult experiences or learning curves.

Whatever you need help with, someone in this community will be there for you.

On top of all this…


Bonus #1: How to Avoid Getting Scammed in Crypto

Inside you’ll learn:

  • The 7 most common cryptocurrency scams, how they work, how to spot them, and how to avoid them
  • The essential rules you MUST follow to never be scammed online (simple DOs and DON’Ts that you’ll never forget once you see them)
  • The 7-point checklist to quickly identify potential risks, scams, viruses, and malware

And much more!

Bonus #2: Juan Galt on Bitcoin, Lightning Network, and Privacy

In this interview, you’ll discover:

  • What exactly the Lightning Network is, how it’s going to help get the first billion people to use Bitcoin, why it’s the latest and most important key new technology to make Bitcoin super easy to buy and sell things, and everything else you need to know to get started with it
  • The most powerful, secure, open-source Bitcoin and crypto hardware wallet with cutting-edge security that’s a little larger than a thumb drive that can store all of your crypto without ever exposing yourself to risk
  • How you could lose your computer and phone but with 12 words get ALL of your Bitcoin back without a problem, revolutionizing money and providing true financial freedom that could never be done with fiat currency, precious metals, or anything else (PLUS, the simple step to take to ensure maximum security)

Plus so much more!

Bonus #3: How to Set Up a Coinomi Crypto Wallet in Four Simple Steps

This training shows you how to set up one of the best, easiest-to-use, and simple crypto wallets out there: Coinomi. It’s a super fast and simple training that immediately allows you to secure your cryptocurrency in a “self-custody” wallet that’s 100% under your control and no one else’s.

BONUS #4: How to Set Up an Exodus Wallet Step-By-Step + Basic Crypto Tips and Tricks

This training shows you how to set up one of the most popular, user-friendly, and feature-heavy crypto wallets: Exodus. Just like Coinomi, it’s extremely secure and allows you to put your crypto 100% under your control.

But John goes even further with this training and provides an extra hour and a half giving away TONS of basic and beginner-friendly crypto tips and tricks. From safety tips to private places to get crypto to avoiding taxes on crypto and so much more.

BONUS #5: The Best Alternatives to KYC Exchanges for Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency Privately

KYC stands for “know your customer” and is a set of regulations in the banking and financial world that requires businesses to collect your real name, a picture of your I.D., and more personal sensitive information to do business with them.

Most mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges are under KYC regulations and I expect that to expand to more exchanges and crypto services now that the SEC is cracking down.

This training shows you why KYC is NOT good and opens you up to more risk and surveillance.

Then it shows you a ton of alternative options for acquiring and trading cryptocurrency anonymously and privately without ever revealing your sensitive personal info.

This is ESSENTIAL to know in today’s world when governments are trying to do everything possible to track all of your transactions and behavior.

Do you want John Bush’s proven playbook for using cryptocurrency for financial sovereignty and economic prosperity?

“I have known John Bush for a very long time. Being curious and not wanting to miss the opportunity, I took a one hour class from him. John delivered! He not only taught me how to invest but gave me critical advice on when not too! I highly recommend learning from him.”
— Jennifer Welch