Derrick Broze – How to Opt Out of the Technocratic State

Derrick Broze literally wrote the book on opting out of the technocratic agenda and he sat down with John Bush for an exclusive interview revealing his most powerful strategies, methods, and tools for breaking free from this agenda and forging a radically free life under your own control.

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The world is being dominated by globalists who want to usher in a new worldwide control system of “technocracy”...and they’re accelerating their plans

Artificial Intelligence (AI)…

Smart devices and whole cities…

Internet of Things…

Internet of Bodies…

And so much more cutting-edge technology is reshaping human society.

Corporations and governments are leveraging this technology to become the “social engineers” of society – monitoring everything you do and buy, rewarding or punishing you based on a “social credit score,” and silencing all opposition to their agenda. 

The ultimate goal is to create a digital prison controlled by a few wealthy elites. 

Vaccine passports…

Digital IDs…

Central bank digital currencies…

These tools and more are shaping what’s called…


A system of high-tech governance to micromanage virtually everything in society run by scientists and other authorities “for your own good.”

Ultimately, the technocrats want all humans herded into “smart” or “15-minute” cities that track everything you do, everywhere you go, everything you say, and regulate your energy and carbon usage, restrict your ability to travel, assign social credit scores, and more. 

The WEF, the UN, The BIS, The IMF, Blackrock, Pfizer, the US government, the UK government, the CCP government, the Canadian government, and a very long list of other globalist “powers that shouldn’t be” are working overtime to usher in this system. 

When the most powerful people and groups in the world conspire to create this New World Order, that leaves us with two choices:

Submit to their rule…


There’s no third option. 

If you’re like us, then you want to…

Opt Out of the Technocratic System Using Proven Methods From the World-renowned Expert Who Literally Wrote the Book on It

Derrick Broze is the creator of the Conscious Resistance Network.

He’s a long-time independent researcher and journalist.

The author of multiple books.

A grassroots activist and organizer.

The creator of numerous documentaries on 5G, The Finders, Jeffrey Epstein, and the modern surveillance state.

And is a sought-after speaker who has informed and inspired crowds from Mexico to the UK. 

He’s also the co-founder of the Freedom Cell Network – a global network of freedom-loving individuals organizing IN PERSON to provide mutual aid, trade underground, engage in activism, share strategies, form partnerships, homeschool their kids, and generally get sh*t done for freedom. 

But perhaps most importantly…

Derrick Broze wrote one of the most important books you can read today:

How to Opt Out Of The Technocratic State. 

John Bush sat down with Derrick for an exclusive interview on the strategies, methods, and tools he recommends for anyone who wants to have more freedom from the technocratic agenda.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How AI, smart devices and cities, the internet of things and bodies, and more are converging to create a digital prison outside and INSIDE your very body that can be controlled by a small group of “elites”
  • How Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum have been preparing society for the Great Reset for YEARS, long before COVID
  • How corporations and governments are leveraging this technology to become the “social engineers” of society – monitoring everything you do and buy, rewarding or punishing you based on a “social credit score,” and silencing all opposition to their agenda
  • How to create intentional communities for young and old folks to raise each other’s families, share their wealth and resources, create thriving underground trading networks, and live free in the country
  • The alternative payment systems Derrick is helping to build to make it easier for businesses and individuals to trade in cryptocurrency without fear of censorship 
  • The best privacy-protecting alternatives to Google, iOS, and Android operating systems for your phone and computer to protect your data from hackers and government snoops

Plus so much more!

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