How to Hack Your Habits and 10X Your Goals

John Bush reveals the keys behind his success as a serial entrepreneur running multiple businesses and the specific methods, tools, and mindsets he’s used to skyrocket his personal wealth, social influence, and economic and political freedom all by radically transforming his daily actions and habits.

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The ONLY way to change your life and achieve your dreams is to radically shift your habits and aggressively pursue your goals

This is an iron law of success. 

Without habits to support your goals, then setting a goal is as good as farting in the wind. 

It’s there and gone again just as quickly with no change in your life. 

It feels good…

You get a rush of relief when you set a goal…

Like you’re actually doing something…

But until you get your butt up off the couch and take consistent action toward your goals, you’ll just stay stuck sitting in the stinky, stale air of unpursued, unaccomplished dreams. 

Not a pretty image, is it?


So it’s time to get your butt moving!

That means learning how to identify all the habits holding you back…

Plus all the habits required to get you where you want to go…

And systematically uninstall the bad ones and boot up the good ones. 

Just a slight shift in habits – positive or negative – creates a ripple effect, altering your life’s path, and pushing you down a road toward a totally different destination than if you never changed the habit.


It means turning limp, weak goals into big, sexy, motivating goals. 

And giving yourself real, specific deadlines and plans of action.

John Bush knows how to get sh*t done … and he’s going to reveal his most powerful methods and strategies inside this exclusive training

John Bush has started and grown several different businesses in the last 10 years. 

He’s turned a failing herbal supplement company into a thriving ecommerce brand selling kratom, delta-8, and CBD. 

He’s built Live Free Academy from nothing into a million-dollar company in just 2 years. 

He’s helped grow the Freedom Cell Network from a few thousand to nearly 40,000 members worldwide. 

He’s co-owner and co-producer of the Greater Reset event alongside Derrick Broze and Ramiro Romani. 

He puts on several LIVE summits every year covering everything from homesteading to health to entrepreneurship to CBDCs and more. 

He’s pursuing NEW businesses in property development. 

He’s a prolific cryptocurrency investor. 

He runs his own homestead and intentional community with several members. 

And that still doesn’t include everything John is accomplishing day in and day out. 

If you want to learn from a master of productivity who thinks big and achieves his dreams…

This is your chance.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this training:

  • The 4-part Live Free Academy Framework for getting everything you want in life (literally every achievement in John’s life has its roots in this life-changing framework)
  • Why money is more important than you think it is if you want real autonomy and freedom in your life (and how to ethically raise your income to consistently increase your liberty)
  • The secret mindset technique learned from Tony Robbins to manifest your desires
  • Why setting big, sexy goals leads to bigger, sexier results (proof that this works)
  • The simple but powerful goal-setting technique used every morning and night by multimillionaire investor, speaker, and serial entrepreneur Grant Cardone to turn ideas into tangible reality
  • The strategic planning method taught to a special group of postgraduates that I use for every single project I pursue (a detailed breakdown of how it works and how to use it)
  • How to “hack your brain” to create an unstoppable vision of your new self to effortlessly manifest your desires
  • How to identify the negative, counterproductive habits holding you back
  • How to use the world-famous “habit loop” method to permanently BREAK bad habits and INSTALL new, positive habits (with multiple, real-world examples of how to do this to permanently change your life)
  • How to “tie” habits to goals to virtually make success inevitable

And much more!

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