Cryptocurrency for Beginners Workshop

A complete step-by-step training of EVERYTHING you need to know to immediately begin using cryptocurrency for freedom and prosperity … even if you know nothing about it and consider yourself a “non-techie” person


“He guided me through the process of sending and receiving, and gave me tips to ensure my crypto did not get lost again. I am grateful for John’s guidance and I highly recommend his services to anyone who is interested in alternative currency.”
— Christina

“Not only did you help me get my wallets in order, you gave me information that I didn’t even know to ask about regarding using stable coins when converting from one coin to another. I am now able to help others learn to pay and get paid in crypto.”
— Darby Mozelle

“Great meeting John. My experience with John Bush was to jump start me into Crypto Currency trading. John pointed me in the right direction for my beginner status. Now I have ventured into the unknown with much more confidence.”
— Paul King

The Cryptocurrency for Beginners Workshop will take you by the hand and effortlessly walk you through every step of acquiring, storing, sending, and receiving cryptocurrency plus much, much more.

John Bush is a leading voice in the cryptocurrency and freedom movement and has been investing, studying, using, and teaching in this space relentlessly for 10+ years.

He’s spoken at numerous conferences and events including The Texas Bitcoin Conference, Porcfest, The Greater Reset, and many more.

And he’s appeared on numerous podcasts and shows including The Tom Woods Show, The Pete Quinones Show, The Mark Moss Show, and The Survival Podcast, among others.

He’s taught tens of thousands of students how to use cryptocurrency for financial prosperity, opting out of the central banking system, avoiding the social credit system, escaping smart cities and the surveillance state, and living the freest life possible.

And he’s coached hundreds of private clients.

John is on a mission to help as many beginners as possible wisely invest in the right cryptocurrencies, expand their assets, grow their wealth, and increase their freedom using this revolutionary technology.


  • Exactly what cryptocurrency is, how it works, why it’s valuable, and why anyone who believes in freedom should take cryptocurrency very seriously (and begin investing in it immediately)
  • How to setup a cryptocurrency wallet step-by-step (this is a super detailed walkthrough and you will set up your own wallet entirely DURING the training with John) How to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange and quickly and easily purchase cryptocurrency (including how to connect your bank accounts to an exchange + the exchanges I recommend)
  • How to safely send and receive cryptocurrency without losing your tokens or making common mistakes
  • The best “altcoins” (alternatives to Bitcoin) I recommend buying and using (and why altcoins are essential for having a well-rounded cryptocurrency investment strategy)
  • How to PRIVATELY acquire and transfer cryptocurrency without any 3rd-party (including the government) knowing about the transaction or identifying you (this is completely legal and isn’t about doing shady stuff, but about protecting your right to privacy)
  • How to “stake” Cardano (a powerful altcoin known as ADA) inside the Exodus cryptocurrency wallet for major profits (don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense right now, you’ll quickly get it and you’ll be glad you know how to do this)
  • How to use Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to give yourself loans backed by your own cryptocurrency holdings (John has used this exact method to paint his entire house without going to a traditional bank and you can use it for so much more)


Bonus #1: How to Avoid Getting Scammed in Crypto

Inside this bonus training you’ll discover:

  • The 7 most common cryptocurrency scams, how they work, how to spot them, and how to avoid them
  • The essential rules you MUST follow to never be scammed online (simple DOs and DON’Ts that you’ll never forget once you see them)
  • The #1 most important action to take immediately if you accidentally click a virus-loaded link
  • The 7-point checklist to quickly identify potential risks, scams, viruses, and malware

And more!

BONUS #2: Understanding KYC And Alternative Options

KYC stands for “know your customer” and is a set of regulations in the banking and financial world that requires businesses to collect your real name, a picture of your I.D., and more personal sensitive information to do business with them.

Most mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges are under KYC regulations and I expect that to expand to more exchanges and crypto services now that the SEC is cracking down.

This BONUS shows you why KYC is NOT good and opens you up to more risk and surveillance.

Then it shows you a ton of alternative options for acquiring and trading cryptocurrency anonymously and privately without ever revealing your sensitive personal info.

This is ESSENTIAL to know in today’s world when governments are trying to do everything possible to track all of your transactions and behavior.

BONUS #3: Exclusive invite inside the Live Free Academy Crypto Community Group

It’s filled with hundreds of beginners and advanced students alike who are helping each other learn about, acquire, and use cryptocurrency for liberty, wealth, and the development of a freer world. John Bush and members of his team are active in this group.

If you ever have any questions or need help with anything crypto-related, this group will be there for you.

Do you want John Bush’s proven playbook for using cryptocurrency for financial sovereignty and economic prosperity?

“John is the perfect tutor: an expert who knows how to listen and walk you through the process according to your unique needs. I am proud to call him my personal crypto consultant.”
— Joe Quirk