Make More Money Masterclass (2024 Crush Edition)

John Bush has gone from standing in food lines to running successful 6 and 7-figure businesses. He’s going to reveal DOZENS of simple, painless, uncomplicated ways to increase your income step-by-step by at least a few hundred or few thousand dollars each month (and likely much more if you consistently apply what you learn) whether you want to earn more as an employee, start a profitable side hustle, or grow your own business as an entrepreneur.


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I don’t actually want money…

I want more options … more tools … more self-reliance … more food … more security … more peace of mind … more protection … more land … more energy … more enjoyment … more family time … more freedom…


The fastest and simplest way I know to get any of this is by making more money

It’s not fair. 

But it’s the way the world is. 

I can’t change that fact. 

But I can learn how to use it to my advantage. 

And I have. 

It took me many years to unlock the secret to attract money and learn the exact methods to generate it on demand. 

But I’m glad I finally did. 

Because everything … and I do mean EVERYTHING I teach in Live Free Academy, on my podcast, and in interviews and speeches around the world, all rely on your ability to direct your money toward enhancing your overall wealth and freedom. 

The less money you have, the less wealth and freedom you’re usually able to “afford.”

Land, animals, vehicles, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, businesses, food forests, guns, ammo, homes, propane tanks, solar panels, and so much more all cost a certain amount of money. 

They also all give you freedom, security, self-sufficiency, and prosperity. 

Making more money allows you to afford a lifestyle of liberty.

But before you can pursue more liberty you need to be able to (comfortably) afford to keep your lights on and put food on the table…

Unfortunately, many people who care about truth and freedom are financially struggling

Over the past few years, I’ve put out messages about making more money, entrepreneurship, personal development, business success, and more. 

I can tell from numerous responses that A LOT of people in my audience and in the larger truth and freedom activist movement are suffering financially. 

They weren’t able to buy their kids the Christmas presents they wanted. 

They rarely if ever can take a vacation. 

Every month, they’re riding the line between getting the rent or mortgage paid (on top of the utilities and affording groceries) and living on the street. 

They charge more essential items onto credit cards, which compounds their debt because now they have a new bill to keep up with. 

They rarely have a full tank of gas and need every penny just to afford to travel to and from work. 

They’re on a fixed income and have little left over after covering the essentials.

I personally know people who didn’t have enough money to leave Canada or flee New York City during the plandemic because they were living paycheck to paycheck. 

I’ve heard these stories and more than I can recount.

They all break my heart. 

I want all of you to be THRIVING. To live with joy and excitement. To not have to worry about paying for the things you need or treating you and your loved ones to a special time. 

I empathize with any of you who are in a similar situation. 

Because you know what?

I’ve been there, too.

I know the sharp bite of hunger, the pain of poverty, and the despair of homelessness

As part of my activism, I deliberately lived dirt poor just to not have to pay the IRS. 

Today, I call this the “impoverished activist mindset.”

Back in the very early 2010s, I considered it noble – even righteous – to just barely not be homeless.

Before my entrepreneurial journey, I was a part-time teller at a credit union. 

Since 2009, I’ve been self-employed in one way or another. 

Looking back, you know what I think about this mindset?

I was foolish.

It was easy at first because my ex-wife and I would travel and do activism for Bitcoin among many other causes. I was constantly engaged in activism in one way or another. Trying to change laws for the betterment of society and introduce people to alternative institutions. 

I was attempting to change the world through politics and activism while barely being able to afford my own lifestyle or live independently from my parents. 

Then my daughter was born. Soon after followed by my son. 

Once I had more mouths to feed than just my own I quickly realized how important it was to learn how to make more money

But I still struggled for a long time to figure out how to do it. 

I lived in a crappy apartment in Central Texas with my kids and barely survived. 

The electricity was turned off a few times because I had to pay for food to feed my kids rather than pay the bills. I always made sure my kids could eat, even if it was the same meal over and over again. They got pretty sick of Ramen noodles fast. 

Eventually, we were kicked out of the apartment because I fell behind on rent. 

I lived out of a busted converted school bus not long after losing the apartment, which came with its own headaches and struggles. 

For a while, we relied on food lines for a good chunk of our daily sustenance.

Poverty was a daily grind for me for years. Too many years, if I’m being honest. 

It still stings a little thinking about it.

But one day, I just told myself…


This was the start of turning away from a “poverty mindset” and embracing a prosperity mindset. 

I ruthlessly invested in my knowledge and skills. 

I studied how success, entrepreneurship, and money work. How to think and act like wealthy people do. How to manage my money effectively. How to invest like a pro and what to invest in. How to build and grow businesses. How to hire and run a team of people. 

I leveled up my skills every step of the way. I improved my public speaking abilities. I learned how to create online courses. I learned new software programs to run my businesses online. 

And I consistently took major action. 

I bought a bookstore and ran conspiracy events out of it in 2015. 

I started selling kratom in 2016. I turned it into an online business in 2017. 

Then I went all in on my purpose and started Live Free Academy in 2021 and never looked back. 

Throughout all of this, I consistently studied and applied everything I could get my hands on regarding financial success and sovereignty.

I acquired what I needed to increase my prosperity and liberty…

To separate myself from the NWO…

To overcome inflation and economic devastation…

To safeguard my family from plandemics, and more only after…

I learned how to consistently, confidently, and predictably make more money month after month, year after year

My 10-acre homestead, energy backup system, solar generator, chickens, gardens, precious metal investments, Bitcoin holdings, the vacations I take with my family, the timber forest share I own in South America, the peace of mind I carry with me every day, and more are the fruits from my labor learning the secrets with money. 

Making more money on demand is an art and science that I’ve mastered. 

If there was ONE thing you could do to resist tyrants and overcome NWO plans for your life, it would be to make more money and use it to fund the lifestyle of liberty you want. 

That’s what I’ve done. 

And that’s what I’m going to show you how to do in…

The LIVE Make More Money Masterclass: 2024 Edition

How to consistently and creatively increase your income by at least a few hundred or few thousand dollars each month (and likely much more if you consistently apply what you learn) step-by-step using DOZENS of simple, painless, uncomplicated strategies whether you work a 9-5 job, start a side hustle, or invest in building your own business

Making more money isn’t as complicated or difficult as most people make it out to be. 

Once you understand the principles of making more money and learn the tried-and-tested techniques for increasing your income, it will become natural and fluid for you to start generating more money than ever before. 

I’ve run and profited from numerous side hustles, both “underground” operations and above-board activities which earned me substantial revenue whenever I needed it without putting in too much effort. 

I currently run two 6-and-7-figure businesses which have allowed me a level of comfort and freedom I couldn’t get doing anything else. 

Plus, my wife Rebecca has had a very successful career working for a couple different companies. At each, she was able to leverage her skills and negotiation tactics to increase her income. 

I’ve taken all the lessons learned from these experiences, and the exact tactics and methods used to generate more money on demand, and systematically put them together inside the Make More Money Masterclass. 

This masterclass goes LIVE on January 13th.

This special edition will NOT be repeated.

The deadline to join is January 13th.

You don’t have to watch LIVE -
everyone who signs up will receive lifetime access to the replays.

But you MUST join the masterclass by the deadline.

Here’s EVERYTHING you’ll discover at the Make More Money Masterclass

How to upgrade your “money mindset” to effortlessly attract more money and make income increases feel good and natural

The biggest hurdle to actually making more money was getting my mindset right and changing my relationship to money.

Mindset is the foundation of all achievement. 

If you feel like you’re unworthy, unskilled, or unlikely to have more money, you will sabotage yourself and unconsciously put a cap on your earning potential. 

You have skills, knowledge, abilities, and opportunities to make more money RIGHT NOW. But you probably don’t see them because your mindset is “broken” from programming you’ve received from parents, teachers, society, and yourself.

Ultimately, it’s your limited beliefs about your self-worth, value, abilities, and more that hold you back from living the life of freedom and prosperity you want.

Have you ever heard the story of someone who won the lottery and within a year they’re poorer than they were before they won? That’s not just money mismanagement. It’s a self-sabotaging money mindset. 

Your money mindset is like a thermostat. You have to turn it up to be able to both bring in and keep more money.  

I’m going to help you raise the heat on your “money making thermostat” so hot dollar bills naturally begin flowing in your direction. 

I’ll show you:

  • What a “money mindset” is and how to retrain your brain to attract abundance (there’s a little “woo-woo” stuff here, but it’s mostly about using practical methods to overcome the psychological barriers you’ve put in your own way)
  • How to see yourself as someone who DESERVES to make more money (because you do)
  • The habits and behaviors of high-earners that you can adopt right now to begin making more money
  • How to make your money work for you rather than you working for money
  • Why EVERYTHING is sales and why you must approach every goal you have as a “sales goal” (even if you think you’re not a salesperson, you’re actually just selling yourself the idea that you can’t sell…see how crazy that is? All persuasion and communication are selling in some form and I’ll show you how to sell yourself first so you can use your innate sales skills to make more money)

How to increase your hourly pay or salary as an employee by becoming “indispensable”

I assume the vast majority of people reading this are employed and earning some amount of money right now.

The easiest way to make more money is by finding ways to increase your income with your current job.

I’ll show you proven ways to make your employer WANT to give you more money. 

I run multiple businesses and manage multiple employees. I know EXACTLY what employers are looking for from their employees and what I would want to see to give my employees a raise. 

In fact, some of my employees have used the secrets I’m going to share with you to practically FORCE ME TO PAY THEM MORE. I’ll show you what they did and how you can do the same for your employer to convince them that you deserve more money. 

There are very specific things anyone can do to add more value to their employer, do better work in their job, and go above and beyond to prove how indispensable they are. 

And that’s one of the secrets right there: you have to provide more value than what you’re currently being compensated for to expand beyond your current job description. By doing that, your compensation can rise to meet the new level of value you provide, like a thermometer rising to match the new temperature in the room. 

If you have a promotion you’re aiming for, I’ll show you how to start delivering the value necessary to make yourself the OBVIOUS CANDIDATE to receive it. 

I’ll also be using the lessons learned from my wife Rebecca’s experiences in the workforce. 

She routinely gave herself a raise and a new job title by looking for ways to add more value and solve important problems for her employer. 

She was able to simply walk up to her boss and tell her the new position they needed, how she was already fulfilling that role, why she was the right person for the job, and how much money she needed to handle the new responsibilities. The employer couldn’t help but say yes. 

I’ll show you the principles behind what Rebecca did and reveal how you can apply them in your job no matter what you do. 

The ultimate goal is to become indispensable so that no matter what happens in the economy, YOU will NOT be on the chopping block because you’ve used what I’m going to teach you in this masterclass to become virtually “unfireable.”

How to start a profitable side hustle and manage it in only a few hours a week

You don’t need to quit your job and put all your life savings into a new business to begin earning more money than you do now. That type of balls-to-the-wall entrepreneurship is usually the worst way to start for most people

Instead, you can create your very own small business on a super small scale and allow it to grow over time, like a tiny sprouting seed stretching up into a full blown tree. 

I’ll show you the top side hustles ANYONE can do morning, evening, or on the weekends. 

  • How to get creative with your own unique set of skills and abilities to determine the perfect small side hustle that works for YOU
  • How to balance your time between your regular job and your side hustle
  • How to stay consistent with your side hustle, because consistency is the key to growth (as long as you water your seed and tend the soil, your side hustle will grow in money-making potential)
  • Successful side hustles that many people I know have started and are still doing years later with great success that doesn’t require much money or resources to start up.

And I’ll show you clever things you can do, many of which you’re probably already doing but never realized could be turned into a side hustle. 

For example, there’s one activity EVERYONE reading this has done on a Saturday afternoon while driving around their neighborhood, but with a little extra effort, you can turn this activity into a profitable little side hustle. 

There are basic jobs you do around the house and yard that are RIPE with side hustle potential. 

I’ll show you what opportunities might be hiding in your weekly schedule and how to turn what you already do into a money-making venture.

How to start, run, and grow a successful business (and commit to it long-term)

I ran an underground bookstore in Austin, Texas – Brave New Books. 

Then I started natural health supplement company, Brave Botanicals, and turned it into a thriving 6-figure online business that’s still going almost 10 years later.

I started Live Free Academy in 2021 with just a single course on Bitcoin for beginners. From that seed grew my life’s work. 

Live Free Academy has grown to 7-figures per year now.

Both of these businesses are on pace to grow exponentially next year and beyond. 

The lessons I’ve learned about leadership, teamwork, hiring and firing, delegating, productivity, creativity, salesmanship, marketing, and more through these businesses could fill up volumes of books. 

But I’ve condensed my accumulated wisdom down to a simple system and set of steps ANYONE can follow to grow their own business as big as they want it to be as quickly as possible.

Fast Action Bonus:

The Recession Resistance Report

The economy is built on a house of cards and it seems ready to collapse at any moment. 

Record high consumer debt. 

Record high home prices. 

Record high inflation. 

Record high money printing. 

And many more signals indicate that a recession or new depression is around the corner. Especially as the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates. 

I put together this NEW and EXCLUSIVE report detailing my best money moves, investor strategies, and self-sufficiency tips to help you weather ANY economic storm coming your way. 

These are the exact methods I’m using to protect my wealth, navigate a crazy economy, and keep my family safe and secure during upcoming economic hardships. 

Join the Make More Money Masterclass by January 5th at midnight to get this special report.

This masterclass goes LIVE on January 13th.

This special edition will NOT be repeated.

The deadline to join is January 13th.

You don’t have to watch LIVE -
everyone who signs up will receive lifetime access to the replays.

But you MUST join the masterclass by the deadline.

Do you want to know the secrets to making an extra few hundred or few thousand dollars (or more) every month?

Who should take the Make More Money masterclass?

The short answer is ANYONE who wants to make more money. 

It’s nearly impossible NOT to make more money after investing in this masterclass. Money is everywhere all around you and you can have more of it no matter how old you are, where you live, or your current skills and knowledge. 

But, there are particular people I’m especially trying to help with this masterclass including anyone who:

  • Struggles to pay their bills each month
  • Deserves to be paid more for the job they’re doing
  • Needs a little extra cash on the side
  • Wants to escape their 9-5 job and become their own boss
  • Could use extra money to stash away for retirement
  • Desires to invest in precious metals, crypto, real estate, land, tools, and more without dipping into their primary savings

If you resonate with any of the above, then this masterclass is for you. 

And if I didn’t list the particular reason you would like to make more money but you know you need more money to get the thing you want most, then this masterclass is definitely for you.

But before you sign up I need to issue a word of warning…

I don’t want anyone to “buy” this course … I only want people to join who are willing to invest in themselves

Buying stuff rarely leads to a change in your life. 

You buy things all the time but your lifestyle pretty much remains the same. 

Investing is different. 

When you invest in something, you EXPECT a return on that investment. You expect it to do something for you. You expect your life to improve in some way. 

So it is with the Make More Money Masterclass. 

You should INVEST in this masterclass if you know you’ll watch it and put what you learn into action to get a hefty return on your investment – the skills and knowledge to make more money on demand. 

It’s ONLY $57. 

That’s less than the cost of a brand new video game. It’s less than the cost of 5 movie theater tickets. It’s less than the cost of a full tank of gas for the average American. It’s less than the cost of dinner with a couple drinks. 

I could go on. 

I priced this masterclass so low it almost pains me to do it. 

I could EASILY charge $157 for this masterclass. 

But I KNOW so many people in my audience are struggling to make more money and I’ve cracked the code on how to do it and feel an urgent NEED to empower as many people as possible to quickly and easily raise their income. 

It makes the world a better place when we’re all well off. 

Investing in this masterclass is a WIN for our freedom community. 

Plus, I’ve designed it so ANYONE can copy what I’ve done and start earning more money pretty much immediately after the masterclass ends. 

But you MUST USE what you learn. 

Otherwise, this masterclass will become just another thing you “bought” rather than a legitimate investment you made to better yourself. 

This masterclass goes LIVE on January 13th.

This special edition will NOT be repeated.

The deadline to join is January 13th.

You don’t have to watch LIVE -
everyone who signs up will receive lifetime access to the replays.

But you MUST join the masterclass by the deadline.