The Great Financial Reset Survival Blueprint Masterclass

The Financial Reset Survival Blueprint Masterclass is your ticket to understanding the financial aspects of the Great Reset so you can secure your financial sovereignty and prosperity no matter what the predator class throws your way.

This is an exclusive replay of a video training with over 5 hours of material. After purchase, you’ll have lifetime access to watch it on your phone or computer from anywhere through Kajabi – our online video course platform.


How to predict with 98.67% certainty what’s coming next in “The Great Reset” of the financial and banking system … and gracefully evade each attack on your wealth and freedom like Neo dodging bullets in the Matrix

Every single attempt to restrict your rights, control your money, plunder your property, spy on your activities, regulate your speech, and force you into a social credit score technocratic nightmare can be BLOCKED and OVERCOME.

The Great Financial Reset Survival Blueprint originally went LIVE in October 2022.

In March 2023, we saw a startling bank crisis emerge with two major banks going down. Shortly after, the FDIC and the Federal Reserve and several lawmakers looked at new rules and regulations for the financial industry.

And the agenda to release central bank digital currencies began to heat up.

The banking and financial sector are changing rapidly and YOUR wealth and prosperity are in immediate danger.

The Great Financial Reset Survival Blueprint (2023 Banking Crisis Edition) will reveal my unorthodox, uncommon, and unbelievably effective step-by-step methods for taking your money out of THEIR system and putting it under YOUR control

It’s a 4-hour masterclass showing you the EXACT blueprint I’ve used to TRIPLE my wealth post-COVID (while most people have been bleeding money) … EXPAND my freedom (while most people have been suffering under tyranny) … And GROW my business (while so many have had theirs shut down).

Here’s EXACTLY what you’ll discover inside:

  • The Live Free Academy Empowerment Framework to guard and grow your wealth, invest in income-producing assets, create a network and community of like-minded freedom-loving people, and build the life of my dreams
  • Mindset secrets to banish fear, confusion, and propaganda for maximum motivation toward your biggest goals
  • Powerful methods of financial and geopolitical analysis to accurately forecast what the parasites behind the Great Reset will do next (and how to counter their agenda)
  • Proven wealth-building strategies I’ve used to triple my income post-COVID and invest in assets under my control that deliver long-term gains
  • Methods and insights to join or create thriving communities of like-minded people for mutual aid, enhanced food production, financial support, and to trade in “parallel economies” outside of the control of the traditional economic system
  • Habits and techniques for crafting a custom survival blueprint, taking massive action, and always moving forward toward your dreams and goals

And MUCH more.


I'm giving away a…

PREMIUM ADD-ON: The Make More Money Masterclass

This is one of the best and most valuable courses I’ve ever taught.

It’s NOT available anywhere else.

It’s designed for those who want to make more money at their job…start a profitable side hustle…or grow a successful business.

Inside this 7-hour masterclass you’ll discover DOZENS of simple, painless, and uncomplicated ways to increase your income by at least a few hundred dollars each month, including:

  • The habits and behaviors of high-earners that you can adopt right now to begin making more money
  • Proven ways to make your employer WANT to give you more money (including the secrets my own employees have used to practically FORCE ME to pay them more)
  • The top side hustles ANYONE can do morning, evening, or on the weekends (and how to balance your time between your regular job and your side hustle)
  • Successful side hustles that many people I personally know have started and are still doing years later with great success that doesn’t require much money or resources to start up
  • The principles behind scaling up a side hustle to continually make more money – enough to quit your job and commit to it full-time
  • How I took over a failing natural health supplement company and turned it into a thriving business that’s still going strong almost 10 years later

And a whole lot more!

On top of all that I’m also giving you 4 BONUSES normally only available to Live Free Academy members, but are yours for FREE on this page only

BONUS #1 - Four Critical Investments for Any Sovereign Person Looking to Build Wealth and Exit the Matrix

You’ll discover:

  • The #1 investment you should make every single day (this is the investment above all other investments, without it you’ll never be free or prosperous)
  • The most important investment to make to fully exit the rigged fiat money system and build a decentralized and free alternative economy
  • How to exponentially multiply your income and wealth from these 4 investments

And more!

BONUS #2 - Thriving in the New Economy by Providing Value to Your Community

You’ll see:

  • The universal key to success in life, business, and even political activism (it’s the same key I’ve used to meet and befriend some of the greatest minds in the “liberty movement” over the years)
  • The essential actions you must take NOW to survive and thrive when the economy inevitably crashes and transforms over the coming years
  • The proven roadmap for building wealth through building relationships

Plus much more!

BONUS #3 - An Easy-To-Understand Glossary of Key Financial Jargon and Great Reset Terms

You shouldn’t have to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when learning about finances, investments, and the Great Reset agenda.

I want to make sure you know EXACTLY what I or anyone else is talking about when discussing these subjects.

You’re going to learn beginner and advanced wealth-building strategies inside the Great Financial Reset Survival Blueprint.

This glossary will make sure you never get lost or confused and have a quick reference to instantly understand what I’m talking about.

Plus, I’m going to show you how deep the Great Reset agenda goes and the fundamental policies, plans, and methods they’re using in an attempt to socially engineer society and control the masses.

This glossary will help you grasp what I teach and make it easy to remember it all later and even explain it to others.

Consider this glossary a “skeleton key” to the big ideas and concepts you’re going to learn.

BONUS #4 - The Great Financial Reset Response Webinar

This is the most popular webinar I’ve ever done and provides a broad overview of how the Great Reset works, how it’s changing our world forever, what’s coming next, and how to protect your wealth and freedom from being stolen by Klaus Schwab and company.

This webinar is now ONLY available right here as a bonus. It can’t be found anywhere else on the internet anymore.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • The three control vectors that the Great Reset is using to radically shape our world
  • My investment framework for growing your wealth, taking control of your money, and keeping your assets out of the hands of the technocrats
  • How you can tap into a network of 34k+ solutionaries working tirelessly to create more freedom

And so much more!

Do you want John Bush’s proven playbook for using cryptocurrency for financial sovereignty and economic prosperity?