Fermentation Basics: Sauerkraut and Cucumbers w/ Nicole Sauce

When: September 10th at 4PM Central on Zoom

Join Nicole “Awesome” Sauce for a webinar on how to get started with fermenting vegetables. On this webinar, you will see how to prepare cabbage for sauerkraut, prepare a brine for fermenting cucumbers into delicious kosher pickles. The skills you learn by making these two things are all you need to be able to make a host of fermented things including kimchi, hot sauce, fermented peppers and carrots, kosher pickles, and much more.

Every enduring culture makes something fermented and the bacteria we gain from consuming these foods are great for the digestive system. Indeed, many believe that much of modern illness stems from a move away from living, fermented food to sterile commercially produced ones. Our gut biome has suffered from the move away from raw dairy, fermented vegetables and ciders.

Nicole has been fermenting vegetables for a decade and a half in Tennessee and seen both failures and successes. Tap into her knowledge to know what the best environment is for making ferments, how to know if something has gone wrong, what to do about molds, and how to best store ferments.