Make More Money Masterclass (Exit and Build Homestead Edition)

In this four hour masterclass, you’ll get dozens of ways to earn more money at your job, start a profitable side hustle, or create a thriving business (plus more ways to earn money from the land you own) so you can comfortably fund your vision of freedom


The Make More Money Masterclass gives you DOZENS of simple, painless, uncomplicated ways to increase your income by at least a few hundred dollars each month and probably much more.

Making more money isn’t complicated once you understand the basic principles of how to do it and the simple steps you can take right now to begin increasing your income.

And earning more money gives you the ability to grant yourself more freedom.

Plus, knowing how to make more money might just save your life.

At the very least, it will allow you to live a more comfortable, more abundant life with more food security and freedom than you had before.

I’m going to cover all the top ways you can make more money as an employee, with a side hustle, or by striking out on your own as an entrepreneur, including:

  • What a “money mindset” is and how to retrain your brain to attract abundance (there’s a little “woo-woo” stuff here, but it’s mostly about using practical methods to overcome the psychological barriers you’ve put in your own way)
  • How to make your money work for you rather than you working for money
  • Why EVERYTHING is sales and why you must approach every goal you have as a “sales goal” (even if you think you’re not a salesperson, you’re actually just selling yourself the idea that you can’t sell…see how crazy that is? All persuasion and communication are selling in some form and I’ll show you how to sell yourself first so you can use your innate sales skills to make more money)
  • The habits and behaviors of high-earners that you can adopt right now to begin making more money
  • Proven ways to make your employer WANT to give you more money (including the secrets my own employees have used to practically FORCE ME to pay them more)
  • The top side hustles ANYONE can do morning, evening, or on the weekends (and how to balance your time between your regular job and your side hustle)
  • Successful side hustles that many people I personally know have started and are still doing years later with great success that doesn’t require much money or resources to start up
  • The principles behind scaling up a side hustle to continually make more money – enough to quit your job and commit to it full-time.
  • How I took over a failing natural health supplement company and turned it into a thriving business that’s still going strong almost 10 years later

On top of that…

I’m updating this masterclass with even more ways to make money by leveraging your property and land.

I will make sure that being poor or broke is NOT an option for you any longer.