Strategic Master Planning Session


Let Us Personally Guide You In Executing And Achieving Your Vision Of Building A Homestead, Growing A Community, And Escaping To Freedom In The Country

The Strategic Master Planning Session is an intimate, one-on-one collaboration between you and John Bush and Rebecca Powers designed with one purpose in mind: To support you every step of the way and virtually guarantee you succeed in “exiting and building.”

Over 3 individual sessions, we will take you from dreaming about a homesteading community and actually realizing one.

Session 1: Vision

We will sit down and discuss everything you hope to gain from homesteading and building an intentional community, everything you may want and need in your ideal “liberty village,” and the location and budget you’re willing to stick to.

Session 2: Plan and Execution

We will formulate a complete plan from A to Z customized to your specific vision and situation to give you the highest likelihood of success. We will review it with you to ensure it matches the plan you have in mind. And we will help you execute the plan almost immediately.

Session 3: Follow up and Refinement

We will follow up with you to ensure you remain on track with your plan and get feedback from you on how everything is going. Then, we’ll help you refine your approach to move forward even more efficiently until you’ve successfully built your community and exited to freedom.

Now It’s Time To Make A Decision…

Do you want to go it alone…

Or get privately mentored by two experts deeply passionate about helping every single person who wants it to escape to the country and create real liberty in our lifetime?

If you want it, we will be by your side to make it happen.

We will spill every secret, every strategy, and give you every resource we have to ensure your success.

We truly believe that this might be the ONLY way to escape the technocracy and restore harmony and peace in society.

We’re dedicated to making freedom happen.

We’re not waiting around for anyone to give it to us.

We’re taking it.

Do you want it as badly as we do?

Then let’s work together as partners in a shared mission to build your homestead and community and spark another torch of liberty in the country to escape tyranny and expand freedom.

Let us help you make your vision a
reality for a one time payment of…