The Health Transformation Masterclass

Ryan Minniti, the host of the Exit and Build Health Summit, assembled the best and latest strategies from the top natural health authorities revealing how to nourish your body on any diet, build strength at any age, live longer with more energy, reduce stress without drugs, and melt away unwanted weight in this 2-hour video masterclass.


Ryan Minniti interviewed 31 leading natural health experts to extract their secrets for building and maintaining the healthiest body possible

He picked the minds of experts in strength training, stress management, nutritional science, plant medicine, energy healing, immunity, detoxification, life extension, and more.

These interviews covered a HUGE range of topics. 

But a pattern started to emerge. 

The speakers consistently came back to a specific set of practices, habits, and lifestyle changes that provided the greatest overall impact to lifelong health and wellness.

He distilled their decades of hard-won knowledge into a 2-hour, step-by-step program of actionable wisdom you can use immediately to transform your health for a lifetime

So instead of trying to follow every insight from all 31 speakers from the Exit and Build Health Summit (which would be close to impossible for anyone), you could simply apply the primary principles taken from these interviews to accelerate toward the body and lifestyle you want faster than ever before. 

This is a proven path to SHORTEN your time spent researching, testing, and failing your way forward. 

Because in addition to the knowledge gained from the experts at the Exit and Build Health Summit, Ryan included in this masterclass everything he’s learned on his own health journey. 

Ryan struggled with yo-yo dieting for years but was able to transform his body rapidly after applying a few proven strategies included in the Health Transformation Masterclass

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Ryan would be motivated for short periods of time and lose some weight, only to gain it back after long periods of lethargy and low motivation.

This was all interfering with his ability to achieve his goals for freedom in other areas of his life until he took his health into his own hands and invested in the advice and training of Tanner Shuck (one of the speakers being interviewed for The Exit and Build Health Summit).

Now, his entire body and life has changed for the better and Ryan has committed to helping as many people as possible discover PROVEN ways to transform their health for life.

The Health Transformation Masterclass was made for people who are younger, older, heavier, lighter, and everything in between, male or female…

But it’s especially designed for those who want to:

Shed pounds of unwanted weight, balance blood sugar levels, and break free from pre-diabetes

Obesity and even just being 10, 20, or 30 pounds overweight can have a profoundly negative impact on your life. 

Many people quietly suffer from searing back or joint pain. Their heart strains under pressure. And doing simple things like playing around in the yard with kids or grandkids can easily take the breath away. 

Too much weight also often means being able to do very few activities you love to do, especially those involving a lot of activities like hiking outdoors. 

But one of the worst symptoms of being overweight is developing prediabetes and high blood pressure. 

Both of these can lead to harmful, life-altering diseases. 

The Health Transformation Masterclass will provide a structured diet plan that can make losing weight feel natural and easy.

Increase energy and vitality in later years, enhance mobility, and develop the vigor to enjoy most activities

Advancing in age naturally means being unable to do some of the things we used to be able to do. 

But many end up leading lives of quiet disappointment and frustration later in life because they let their health slip. 

Projects they want to finish end up being shelved early. 

Hobbies get abandoned. 

But perhaps worst of all, it becomes difficult to keep up with kids and grandkids. Playing and having fun becomes a chore. 

Suddenly being out of breath after only a few minutes of effort holds many people back from living the life they deserve. 

No one should have to think about their health first thing in the morning before deciding on what they want to do with their day. 

The Health Transformation Masterclass will help give you a new lease on life.

Develop visible strength and muscle definition, flexible limbs, and the ability to push, pull, lift, and jump more than before

Physical weakness makes life harder. 

Physical strength makes life easier, and more enjoyable. 

There are only downsides to not having at least a baseline of muscular power, especially as you age. 

Moving your body itself becomes a task. Muscles and bones atrophy easier. Stiffness, inflammation, and more can quickly creep up into hands and feet. 

It actually becomes easier to gain an injury. 

And taking care of important things like helping a loved one move or rearranging the house can feel like a workout in itself. 

But maybe worst of all, lacking strength creates a feeling of a lack of confidence. It can lower self-esteem and stop you from appreciating who you are. 

You don’t need anything to love yourself. But committing to the discipline and practice of getting and maintaining enough strength for YOU to feel good and do what you like to do can dramatically increase your sense of self-worth. 

The Health Transformation Masterclass will help everyone develop a powerful routine for building functional strength.

And it doesn’t matter what diet you follow - the food recommendations and eating plan can work for everyone

It doesn’t matter if you love to eat pounds of meat or bushels of vegetables every day or any diet in between. 

The truth about losing weight and gaining muscle is that it’s less important about how you get your protein, fats, carbs, and other nutrients. It’s much more important about eating the proper amount of each at the right time. 

All of which you’re going to learn how to do like a pro.

The Health Transformation Masterclass is broken into 5 sections:

Module 1: How to eat to maximize your nutrition and nourish your body with everything it needs to thrive (no matter which diet you follow)

Module 2: How to consistently build and maintain functional muscle for men and women whether you’re 18 or 88 (and why muscles are a proven but overlooked key to lifelong health and wellness)

Module 3: How to naturally live longer, have more energy at any age, and grow older gracefully while enjoying every minute of your life

Module 4: How to reduce and manage stress without Big Pharma drugs, balance your hormones for happiness, and live each day with gratitude and peace

Module 5: How to melt pounds of fat off your body using a proven formula for eating the right foods in the right way to gently force your body to get leaner and lighter

Do you want the proven shortcuts to lose weight, build muscle, and live longer?

The Health Transformation Masterclass

What's Included:


Strength training principles

from Tanner Shuck (strength and performance coach) and Renita Brannan (former TV Personality at NBC as their Health & Fitness Expert and Senior Fitness Certified for Elderly Fitness)

Whole food diet recommendations

from Sally Fallon-Morell (president of Weston A. Price Foundation and author of Nourishing Traditions) and Shawn Baker M.D. (author of The Carnivore Diet)

Recipes and meal plans

from Robyn Openshaw (founder of Green Smoothie Girl)

Supplement guidance

from Tim James (CEO and founder of Chemical Free Body) and Clive De Carle (founder of Ancient Purity health supplements)

Nutrition principles

from Dr. Matthew Buckley (founder of Science Based Nutrition) and Christian Yordanov (Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner)

Muscle-building advice

from James Benefico (founder of Organic Muscle)