Catherine Austin Fitts – Forging Financial Freedom in an Unfree World

Catherine Austin Fitts – one of the world’s leading experts in the financial industry, the economy, and building and using your wealth to live free – exposes the sinister agenda behind central bank digital currencies and reveals the most powerful and effective investments, strategies, action steps, and more for living financially independent and free no matter what banks and governments try to do to control you.

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Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are the greatest instruments of financial enslavement ever invented…and they’re already being rolled out worldwide

Almost no one in the lamestream media is talking about CBDCs.

But early in 2023, Tucker Carlson (when he was still on Fox News) decided to do a segment on them.

And he invited the one and only Catherine Austin Fitts to redpill him and his audience on the evils of CBDCs.

She bravely laid out the reality of the financial system getting more controlling and more invasive.

Here’s what she said about CBDCs:

“It’s a little bit like bringing up a corral around us, and CBDCs, central bank digital currencies and vaccine passports or digital IDs, are sort of the last shutting of the gate.

It’s hard for most people to imagine the risks here because we’re so used to living with financial transaction freedom, and we don’t understand that when this gate closes on us we literally will be sitting in a system where the central banks believe that our assets belong to them and they’ll dictate where we can spend money and what we can spend money on. 

The important thing to understand is central bank digital currencies are not currencies, it’s a financial transaction control grid and it gives the ability for the central bankers, and they’ve said this publicly, to not only set the rules centrally but enforce the rules centrally.

If you don’t behave, you could have your money shut off.”

Catherine Austin Fitts has been developing a variety of solutions for everyday people to break free from CBDCs, restore their privacy, and take back control of their money

Catherine Austin Fitts has designed and closed over $25 billion of transactions and investments to date and has led portfolio and investment strategy for $300 billion of financial assets and liabilities.

She’s also helped tens of thousands of individuals and families protect themselves and their wealth from evil banks, corrupt governments, and economic disasters. 

And she’s one of the top voices sounding the alarm against central bank digital currencies, digital IDs, and economic tyranny.

Catherine Austin Fitts is an absolute legend in the freedom movement and an expert on all forms of financial sovereignty and prosperity. 

She’s been warning of the dangers of a cashless society and a digital ID control grid for years. 

And her message has consistently revolved around the fact that central bankers have been building a parallel system in which they’re above the law and in control of everyone and everything in society. 

Because at the end of the day, whoever is in control of the financial system, is in control of the economy (and everything in it). 

What we need to do, according to Catherine (and John Bush), is to build our own parallel system outside of their control. 

Catherine Austin Fitts will reveal dozens of proven ways to build or preserve your wealth outside of the “digital concentration camp” of the coming cashless society while maintaining your privacy and liberty

In February 2022, John Bush sat down with Catherine for a private, raw, and in-depth interview-style training exclusively for the 60-Day CBDC Exit Plan program. 

Usually, he’s in the “teacher chair” laying down the lessons. 

But Catherine is a veteran in the world of financial sovereignty and unleashed solid gold nuggets of hard-won wisdom and practical tactics and strategies for maximizing our freedom and protecting ourselves from the parasitic class. 

Even John Bush was blown away. 

Her analysis of the specific threats from the banking sector and the particular solutions is unmatched. 

She has a wonderful no-nonsense, grounded, and conservative approach to financial resilience and security that ANYONE can immediately apply regardless of how much wealth they currently have or will have in the future. 

And even though she’s an outspoken critic of cryptocurrency, she still had fascinating insights into Bitcoin. You won’t believe what she said about it! 

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inside this training You’re going to discover:

  • The truth about the “secret government” run by psychopaths pulling the strings behind the scenes, operating outside of the law, and attempting to create a slavery system never seen before in history
  • Why the ultimate solution to financial tyranny (and authoritarianism of all kinds) has nothing to do with money and everything to do with THIS (if you don’t have it, then nothing else you do will matter)
  • The hard-to-swallow truth that eventually we will have to resist tyranny directly (which is why you should concentrate your time on building up the resources recommended outside of the existing financial system to have the best fighting chance at prosperity)
  • The 6 key pillars to building unbreakable wealth (and why they must all be developed and integrated together)
  • A refreshing and stress-free take on investment strategy (you don’t fit into any financial advisor’s mold and you don’t have to – follow this advice for growing wealthy in your unique way)
  • Why you don’t need an investment strategy, you need a WAR STRATEGY, because we’re at war with powerful globalists trying to destroy us (start acting and investing like it)
  • The best risk mitigation strategy (it has nothing to do with your investments or assets and everything to do with the most dangerous force in the world: other people)
  • The only true assets that actually matter (this is the source of “living equity,” everything else is extra)
  • 2 ways wealth is easily destroyed (and how to shield your fortune from these terrible fates)
  • The best possible advice for dealing with true evil in the world
  • Why forming a conspiracy with other people is the key to the globalists’ control over the world (and why it’s also the key to individual and communal sovereignty)
  • The #1 vegetarian community of hundreds of residents living together in a shared community on thousands of acres of land since 1971 that you can join today
  • The three countries where Catherine would put her holdings of precious metals today if she hit the lottery and bought a bunch of bullion
  • Why even a Bitcoin skeptic such as Catherine sees extreme value in Bitcoin (and the #1 best use case for investing in it)
  • The 3 leading causes of death (hint: it’s not obesity, heart disease, or cancer and we all have it and we all have to get rid of it to survive and thrive)
  • Why Catherine Austin Fitts doesn’t have a single dime in IRAs or 401Ks 
  • Why you should NEVER invest in numismatic coins
  • Essential advice for anyone investing in real estate to ensure you don’t lose your money (now or in the future)



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